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What is ATV Defensive Driving?

Always be alert to potential danger. Your helmet and ATV engine noise can impair your hearing. Visibility is also reduced in night driving. Don’t assume what other ATV riders will do. Do all you can to ensure your safety and the safety of other ATV’s. Expect the unexpected!

What should I keep in my ATV repair kit?

Spare spark plugs, extra wrenches, nuts & bolts, flash light, fire-starting equipment, compass and a rope. Keep these things in your ATV at all times.

What is a Utility Quad?

Utility quads are for work and not necessarily for leisure-oriented, this type of quad is used for chores around the house, towing or carrying your gear for an overnight excursion. Utility ATV’s generally have a stiffer suspension, full skid plates, large racks, tow hitch and four-stroke engines. Because utility quads have large tires, the body plastic is larger and offers better mud protection than either sport or sport-utility machines. Utility ATV’s have the heavier and more durable drive shaft rather than the chain and sprocket system used on sport quads. Utility quads with gears have a super-low first gear and offer excellent torque. A lot of utility ATV’s also offer a low-range sub transmission for heavy-duty slugging and don't have manual clutches. They also have large racks with which you can load up a good deal of weight. If you will be towing a lot of equipment or will be using the ATV for agricultural purposes, consider a liquid-cooled engine. Despite being designed for work, utility ATV’s are still great for recreational trail riding. They are generally easier to learn how to ride than sport ATV’s. They are the largest and heaviest type of quad. First-time riders will feel much more at home with this class of quad. Utility machines comprise roughly 80% of the ATV market.

What is a Sport ATV?

Sport ATV’s are the fastest and lightest quads. They come in two- or four- stroke engines. They have either five or six gears with a manual clutch and most come equipped with reverse. The sport ATV gear ratios typically are higher, meaning that the middle to upper part of the power band is where all the power is. The steering is quick and responsive. The body plastic is small and getting muddy is a way of life for the sport ATV rider. Racks are non-existent and viewed as excess weight for jumping. Sport quads are smaller than utility ATV’s and take longer to learn how to ride. All sport quads are chain-driven and two-wheel drive. If you like fast trail riding and getting big air, this is the ATV category for you. Sport quads offer riding fun in varying degrees.

Should I purchase a 500CC ATV?

Size matters in sport quads. If sport quads are your style of riding and this is your first time buying an ATV, we suggest that you start out with a smaller sized sport quad. It's not absolutely necessary to get the biggest, utility quad. It's a rare when n a 500cc 4x4 goes somewhere a 300cc 4x4 can't. If you do a lot of hill shooting in your local riding area you may want to go for the bigger engine. There are two advantages the larger big-bore quads offer. The frame is bigger, so if you're a tall person, you will feel more comfortable. The other advantage is that most of the larger-engine quads have liquid-cooling for all-day working in the fields. Big engines are cool, but not absolutely necessary with a utility quad.

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