ATVing History

ATVing History

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What's the history of the ATV?

The all terrain vehicle (ATV) or also referred to as 3 and 4 wheelers, was originally designed in Japan farm towing vehicle in isolated mountain regions. During the rainy season and in the spring, most roads were left impassable with normal vehicles. The 3 wheeler turned out to be a much better choice. It did not take the manufacturers long to capitalize on the American market.

The first ATV appeared in the United States in the early 1970's. It was sold as a recreation vehicle and no longer was needed for work. It did not take the sportsmen long to realize the ATV was perfect for accessing wooded areas not passable with trucks or other vehicles. The ATV became popular as a hunting vehicle and was used to reach remote areas.

Thirty years ago, the first ATV, Honda's US 90, was engineered with a single-minded purpose: ORV. But as Honda's family of ATVs grew, so did the customer needs. As in most cases it was market strategy that at first drove ATVing, but it was the owners who found and invented new and creative applications for ATVs, and helped shape their growth and design.

These hard-working owners quickly figured out that ATVing offered a stunning versatility even Honda engineers never dreamed. Less expensive to operate than a pickup or tractor, smaller and more maneuverable than both and it was easy on sensitive terrain. ATVs became a vital tool in such widely diverse fields, such as farming, ranching, industry, agriculture, police work and rescue. In most cases, ATVs did jobs no other vehicle could, making the impossible possible.

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