ATVing Tips

ATVing Tips

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ATV Safety Tips - Don't Spin Your Tires

Try not to spin your tires in mud, sand, or loose soils. If your tires are just spinning and you're no longer making forward progress, stop!

Spinning your tires will only dig you in deeper. If you get buried down to the frame, it will be much harder to free your ATV. If you sense you're beginning to lose traction, turn your front wheels from side to side; this should give you a better bite. If you follow these easy tips you enjoy all the fun things to do on your ATV!.

ATV Safety TIp - Encountering A Horse

If you come upon someone riding a horse, pull your ATV off to the side of the trail, turn off your engine , and remove your helmet. When wearing a helmet, a horse doesn't recognize you as a human. So the horse may be frightened. This common courtesy will make the fun things to do on an ATV pleasurable for everyone using the trail systems.

ATVing Rider Code of Ethics

We will respect all private and public property and the rights of all riders to enjoy natures beauty. We will park without blocking other ATV vehicles or blocking access to trails. We will keep to the right when meeting another ATV’s and yield the right-of-way to downhill traffic. We will slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other ATV’s. We will respect designated areas and trail use signs. When stopping, we will not block the trail. We will not disturb wildlife, avoiding all areas posted for their protection or feeding. We will not litter and we ill pack out everything we packed in. We understand that our destination and travel speed are determined by my equipment, ability, terrain, weather, and traffic on the trail. In case of emergency, we will volunteer assistance. We will not interfere with or harass others, recognizing that people judge all ATV enthusiasts by our actions.

ATV Safety Tips - Stream Crossing

While crossing a stream, cross at a 90 degree angle into the direction of the stream, or head slightly upstream. If you follow this tip you will enjoy all the fun things to do on your ATV and hopefully stay dry!

ATV Safety Tips - Steep Trails

Never try to turn around on a steep narrow trail. If the terrain is unstable and your vehicle gets sideways, there's a possibility it could roll over. If you can make it to the to of the hill, grab your brakes very hard immediately. This is one of the most dangerous situations you can get yourself into, so if at all possible check steep climbs prior to heading up the hill

No Tailgating - ATV Safety Tip

Leave pleanty of room between your ATV and the rider in front of you. If the terrain is challenging, the ATV in front of you may need to stop and back up. It is possible the vehicle in front of you may even slide backwards. So remeber give your riding partner a lot of spae when your out experiencing all the fun things to do on your ATV!

Know What's Ahead - ATV Safety Tip

You should always know what to expect from the trail you're riding on. You should take it slow while ATVing a new trial. If you're not sure of the trail conditions, be prepared for the worst: tow ropes, winches, come-alongs, etc. If you follow these easy tips you enjoy all the fun things to do on your ATV!

ATV Safety Tip - Know Your Limitations

Never ride terrain above your ability. If you come upon a riding area or situation where you're truly unsure of how to handle your ATV, stop at once! Take a minute to consider: Is your ability up to the task? Are you by alone or with help? Do I have a back up plan? Proceed only after you're satisfied that you can handle the situation ahead.

Learning how to recover after a technical error on your ATV or knowing when to bail requires discipline. For young or inexperienced riders, it's best to ride with experienced riders. These ATV safety tips will keep you safe while experiencing the fun things to do on an ATV.

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