ATV Rentals in Wisconsin

Thursday July 24


Never mind Laverne and Shirley (for those of you old enough to remember Laverne and Shirley, that is), Wisconsin has much more available than just the breweries of Milwaukee. One of the most popular outdoor activities is to tool around on an all-terrain vehicle. ATVs can be a quad bike, three wheeler, or a four wheeler. It’s a vehicle which travels on low pressure tires with a seat straddled by the operator and handles for steering. It’s main function is to enjoy off-road adventures as it can handle a wider variety of terrain than many other vehicles. The extra wheels provide slow speed stability and engine size can vary.
Wisconsin is bordered by several bodies of water which include: the Montreal River, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and even the Mississippi River. It’s the only northernmost United state that doesn’t share a boundary with Canada. Wisconsin has a wide variety of geographical features which make it perfect for ATV enthusiasts. It also has many mixed hardwood and coniferous forests which go on for acres and acres. In southwest Wisconsin, the Westen Upland contains rugged landscape with a mix of forest and farmland. Over 46% of Wisconsin’s land area is covered by forest, so there are plenty of spaces to explore when you ride your ATV here.
Wisconsin’s climate classification is humid continental. This means it can reach high heat in summers and extremely low lows in the winters, something to bear in mind when planning your ATV routes and time of year. There are a number of ATV rental companies throughout the Wisconsin countryside, so finding one is no problem. Get ready to rev up your engines and zoom around the pristine forests and crystal clear lakes in Wisconsin, by checking availability at:

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