Air Adventures FAQs

Air Adventures FAQs

Below you will find user submited FAQs and How-to information for Air Adventures. Tips are displayed based on reader popularity, so make sure to vote for your favorite FAQs!

What kind of people do this?

Most of our customers come from all walks of life and ages. The youngest flew his first mission at age nine all the way up to a great-grandfather. General, 85% of our adventurer flying enthusiast are either armchair pilots who dream of these types of experiences or adventure seekers who are constantly stretching their comfort zones.

Can I do this? Will I have fun?

This is a flying experience you will always remember! During your flying adventure the instructor pilot will be instructing you to ensure a successful mission! You will walk away having had so much fun and with a sense of achievement!

Do I need a reservation

Unlike most commercial airlines you will need to book a reservation ahead of time. This is to ensure the flights aren't overbooked. If you are a walk-in and they have room they would be happy to plug you in to the next available flight time.

Are there any physical limitations?

Being able to climb a 5 step latter and step into the cockpit is a must, you then have to be able to do that in reverse order as well. ( in order to get home ) Good eyesight is a plus!

Where do I go Air Combat?

Your in luck! Your at the right website! has the most complete list of Air Combat locations in the nation. Also, your opinion counts. Please contact us back after your adventure to place a testimonial on your experience (good or bad).

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