Fun things to do in Alabama

Sunday April 27


“Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue!”   Alabama is a Gulf Coast state located in the southeastern US. It ranks 30th in total land area and 2nd in the size of its inland waterways. There are many national park service parks in Alabama. 3/5ths of its land area is a gentle plain which descends towards the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. In northern Alabama, its mainly a mountainous regions with the Tennessee River creating a large valley with numerous creeks, streams, rivers, mountains, and lakes. Whatever you’re thinking about doing in Alabama, you can be sure there will be water involved.
A big environment event in Alabama is the Delta Woods and Waters Expo. This annual outdoor education event is to share the knowledge and value of the environment of the beautiful Mobile-Tensaw Delta. It’s a way to find outdoor recreational activities but with the conscience of sutainability by developing positive skills which respect the valuable plants, animals, and waterways of this region. There are kayak and canoe demonstrations, fly tying, rod and reel casting, and even wildlife exhibits on birds, reptiles, entomology, live animals, and reptiles. Events also include many guided woodland nature walks and even a red bellied turtle challenge. 
Another Alabama attraction is the Noccalula Falls area. These falls were once known as the Black Creek Falls and any number of tour guides there can tell you the legend of Noccalula and her unfortunate marriage. There is a park and campground right next to the falls operated by the City of Gadsden. In addition to the waterfalls, there are a number of hiking trails, several well-maintained botanical gardens and even an ole swimming hole to enjoy.
If experiencing the aquatic wonders of the Mississippi Delta area or the Gulf Cost region strikes your fancy, then Alabama has plenty to offer.

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