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With every 1 in 78 Alaskan residents being a qualified air pilot, you cannot go wrong finding a company and touring the Alaskan countryside by helicopter. Be sure to bring your camera as the photo opportunities are breath-taking and endless in this beautifully preserved wilderness that is Alaska. has 48 qualified helicopter ride operators to choose from, so you can get your ride booked in advance from the “lower 48.”

Not many people can see and experience a glacier and pristine wilderness up close and personal. When you take a helicopter ride, you will be able to see so much more of pristine natural beauty and living wildlife. With Alaska’s coastline being longer than all the other U.S. states’ coastline combined, you will be most spoiled for choice as to where you will go, what you can see, and how far off the beaten path you truly can get.

All of our companies pass FAA inspections regularly. Pilots are focused on safety first, but they also have extensive wilderness knowledge and information to share with helicopter ride-takers. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, you will be able to capture the best image possible when you fly in a helicopter and land on a glacier.

The helicopter rides can depart from bases in Juneau, Skagway, and Petersburg. It all depends on how far out back of beyond you and your party wish to travel. One such company is Coastal Helicopters, you can get more information about Coastal’s specific tours at: All the information you need to set up a spectacular wilderness helicopter ride is right at your fingertips with In Skagway, for instance, you can travel to the top of White Pass on the Klondike Summit and Historic City Tour. There are so many wonderful choices to make about where to go and which helicopter ride to take.

In addition to being safe for humans, our companies all practice effective eco-tourism. This means that you will be respectfully inspecting the natural beauty and leaving no footprint that would eradicate any of Alaska’s vulnerable scenery.

So, gather your photo equipment, warm clothes, and sense of adventure and c’mon out to take a fantastic helicopter ride in the Alaskan beauty. gives you all the information you need to choose a ride suited to your purposes and comfort level. Check it out!

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