Canoeing locations in Arizona

Tuesday August 26


Believe it or not, there are more rivers running in Arizona than just the one which the Grand Canyon encompasses. In fact, there’s lots more to Arizona than just he Grand Canyon period. Canoeing is one popular way to enjoy the many river experiences Arizona has to offer. Bear in mind, however, that with the nature of a desert climate, water levels can be unpredictable. Also the use of dams and irrigation can sometimes suck a river dry, but in the right time at the right place, you can easily paddle your way into terrain you might not otherwise see. Most of it devoid of human habitation as well.
Canoeing is a popular outdoor activity which involves a special kind of boat. The difference between canoes and kayaks can sometimes be rather arbitrary, but there is a big difference. Typically, kayaks can navigate trickier waters than canoes and run a little faster. Throughout history, canoeing has been a primary mode of long-distance transportation. Although no longer a primary mode of transportation, canoeing is an authentic, calm, scenic way to experience the great outdoors.
Two of the most popular locations in Arizona are the Verde River and the Salt River. The Verde is an easy river to navigate. Canoeists can choose flatwater sections on up to class III+, depending on the environmental conditions. The spring run-off provides an amazing time for paddling no matter how much challenge you want to have.   The Verde flows directly into the Salt River. The Upper Salt features some strong rapids and even a portage at Quartzite Falls. The 2,000 foot canyon walls provide a breathtaking backdrop to the water. There are plenty of knowledgeable guides and trips to give you a memorable experience. Make sure to check about permits or fees whether you go on your own or with a company as much of the Salt River is controlled by the Apaches.

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