Bungee Jumping History

Bungee Jumping History

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The history of bungee jumping

Diving off a high tower with an elastic rope tied to the ankles for a quick adrenalin rush sounds like something developed by tourist entrepreneurs to lure modern thrill-seekers.

But the intrepid pioneers of this sport, the first bungee jumpers, didn't have the sophistication of engineered elastic ropes and fancy boots.

Bungee Jumping Started in Vanuatu as the Pentecost Jump The islands of Vanuatu sprawl in that arc from the Solomon Islands in the north to New Caledonia in the south. In the 1860s, the French and English formed a condominium to bring the islands, then known as the New Hebrides, into the western way of life. This joint rule lasted until 1980 when the nation gained independence and the name changed to Vanuatu.

The first bungee jumps were carried out thousands of years ago on the island of Pentecost, one of Vanuatu’s many islands. Pentecost Island is known as the 'island of legend.' To confirm this label, the nagol or 'Pentecost Jump' has its roots in legend.

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