Bungee Jumping Tips

Bungee Jumping Tips

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Bungee jumping tip - Find the right place

Find a bungee jumping place near you. Make sure this is a legal outfit and not some random guy with a rope on top of a bridge. You might want to book in advance. Look into costs in advance as well- expect to pay up to $100.

Get the movie of your jump

Get the movie of your jump. It's so much fun to watch yourself jump- and to show others! If you know how, upload a copy to our site! Contact us if you need help.

A very good tip - Know your weight

Ladies, this is no time to be vain. Tell the operator your exact weight before you attempt a jump. Make sure the bungee jumping operator records your weight and the cord selected into a log. This is a sign that he or she is running their business by the book.

Bunge jumping cord life cycle

Ask the bungee jumping operator if they have a system for recording the number of jumps performed on each cord and request to view it. Bungee jumping cords will deteriorate and should be destroyed after a certain number of jumps, regardless of whether they are showing signs of wear. Ask the bungee jumping operator the max number of jumps for the cord you plan to use!

How to pick a bungee jumping location

#1 Search for a bungee jumping location in your area or near your vacation spot.

#2 Think about the time of year. Most spots are only open to bungee jumpers during the warm months. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your location.

#3 Choose an exotic location. If you are able to travel, pick a spot with awesome views. California, Wisconsin and Oregon have some of the most amazing spots to bungee jump.

#4 Look for a bungee jumping location that you can spend the day at. Bungee jumping spots that have nearby parks or sightseeing tours can keep the fun going all day long.

#5 Pick a location that offers tandem jumping bungee jumping. This is the type of bungee jumping where you are able to jump along with your friends on one bungee cord.

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