Bungee Jumping Safety

Saturday April 26

Bungee Jumping is a sport that actually looks much more dangerous than it really is. For the free-fall thrill-seeking fanatic, this sport is truly the schizz. In fact, records show that several million successful jumps have taken place since the 1980s. Bungee Jump operators attribute this to having to conform to rigorous standards and guidelines governing jumps. Every jump requires a check and re-check of the cord calculations and harness fittings.

One of the most common safety mistakes in Bungee Jumping is by using a cord that is too long. That is why double-checking the cord calculation is so very critically important. The cord should be substantially shorter than the height of the jumping platform to allow it room to stretch. When the cord reaches its natural length the jumper either starts to slow down or keeps accelerating depending upon the speed of descent. The force required to distort bungee cords and other spring-like objects is a direct demonstration of Potential energy. The cord will not begin to slow until its resistance has equalized according to the jumper’s weight.

The most common type of elastic rope used in Bungee Jumping is a factory-produced braided shock cord. This type of cord is composed of many latex strands enclosed in a tough outer cover. The outer cover may be applied when the latex is pre-stressed, so that the cord's resistance to extension is already significant at the cord's natural length before beginning to include the jumper’s weight. This pre-stressing gives a harder, sharper bounce, in addition to be very durable. Some operators prefer to use unbraided cords with exposed latex strands. The reason for this is that the unbraided cords give a softer, longer bounce and can be made by individuals.

Only the most advanced and elegant jumpers should use a simple ankle attachment. Most novice and intermediate jumpers will use a body harness as it is much safer. Sometimes a body harness is used in addition to the ankle attachment. The type of body harness used in Bungee Jumping is better if it is derived from climbing equipment rather than parachute equipment. All of the companies listed on have the highest safety standards and the most well-maintained equipment. Get ready to fall in love with Bungee Jumping in any setting you desire.

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