Bungee Jumping from Hot Air Balloons

Friday July 18


Imagine the still, crystal-blue morning air 150 feet above the ground in a hot-air balloon. Now, picture tying a strong rubber cord to the midsection of your fellow traveler, then hurtling headfirst over the edge of the gondola into a seconds long, exhilarating adrenalin-fused 60 m.p.h. jump to within a few feet of the solid ground and then with the cord stretching taut, a recoil skyward just like the trajectory of a rocket ship. That’s precisely what bungee jumping from a hot air balloon is like. 
While not yet officially approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, aerialists of all thrill-seeking types now have a new option to get their bungee jumping thrill going. Some intrepid bungee afficionados have figured out how to best modify hot air balloons so that bungee jumpers can experience the excitement and thrill of bouncing towards planet Earth and then back up and out into the air. In the states of Colorado and California, this new way to bungee has been going on for quite some time. With the expected FAA approval, there should be more hot air balloon firms jumping on to or rather off of the bungee jumping fun-filled gondola.
Now, thrill-seekers can combine two fantastic options into one invigorating experience -- bungee jumping from a hot ir balloon. Safety is always emphasized first and foremost with any and all types of bungee jumping companies. Any hot air balloon bungee jumping firm will have secure equipment with a clear system of safety checks and balances. So, how about it, can’t you just hear the balloon firing up in preparation for a new twist on the thrill of bungee jumping. You can see which companies are available for this ultimate experience by checking:

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