Bungee Jumping in Colorado

Wednesday August 27


With its high-mountain terrain (it has the highest mean elevation in the entire U.S.), snow, and adventure appeal, Colorado is an obvious choice for thrill-seeking travelers. Known mainly for the natural endowments which include 14,000 foot peaks and raging whitewater, there are also many man-made adventures. Bungee jumping is just one of the many thrilling activities Colorado has to offer.
Two of the most popular bungee destinations in Colorado are the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park and the Glenwood Caverns adventure park. Unfortunately for bungee enthusiasts, the Royal Gorge bridge has a very limited season for bungee jumping. This suspension bridge is one of the highest in the world at 1,053 fee. Operating from mid-March through mid-October, this bungee ride can pull up to three riders near the edge of the canyone, swing through, drop, and then swings out over the natural beauty at speeds of up to 50 mph. The Glenwood Caverns bungee expertience is located just north of Aspen along I-70. Glenwood Canyon is a popular outdoor adventure site, but for those bungee enthusiasts. The Glenwood Caverns’ swing sails you out 1,300 feet over the Colorado River, reaching speeds up to 50 mph.   There is also a trampoline bungee for children.
In fact, most of the state’s ski resorts double as summer vacation destinations which offer bungee variations for children.  Steamboat ski resort is home to skiers and snowboarders all winter, but, in summer, it’s the slingshot bungee for kids which is the main attraction. In additions, Vail, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain resorts also have similar bungee attractions.

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