Over the Edge Adventures New 700ft Bungee Jump

Wednesday April 02


                As the sun peaks it head over the horizon in West Virginia, the fog quickly vanishes to reveal the monster. There she stands, the 700ft behemoth, looming over landscape. Many have seen her and in fear let her stand unconquered, but not today. As I approached the menace, my heart begins to tremble, but I will not let emotions hold me back from the feat ahead.  Daunting me with its 784 ft. wingspan I resiliently ascend upon her. As I stand atop of the monster I realize that this is the moment, this is the time where we separate the boys from the men. There is no turning back now, I must defeat the monster. In glorious triumph I attach myself to the bungee cord, tighten it around my foe and plunge victoriously towards the earth, shouting loud battle cries the whole way down and thus claiming conquest over the monstrous Phil G. McDonald Bridge in Beckley West Virginia. 

                This could be your story thanks to Over the Edge Adventures! Over the Edge Adventures will now be bungee jumping off of the Glade Creek Bridge! At 700ft it is the second highest commercial bridge jump in the world! Feel the rush as you plunge down towards the water below! Experience the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you spring back towards the heavens! With approximately 6.6 seconds of free fall time, you might want to bring a book! Over the Edge Adventures promises to give you one of the most fun and exciting ways to “go jump off a bridge!”

            Over the Edge Adventures has over 21 years of experience in making grown men scream like little girls while bungee jumping. With well trained and professional hands, you know that you will be safe and well taken care of.

With many other bridges to choose, you will never be at the end of your rope while finding a jump location at Over the Edge Adventures. With satisfied jumper after satisfied jumper, Over the Edge Adventures has been bringing the solution for those trying to find a fun thing to do. With jumps in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Kentucky, and Tennessee you will be head over heels with Over the Edge Adventures. The only thing that will stop you from having a fun time will be your cowardice. But you’re not afraid, are you?

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