Skydiving in California

Saturday August 02

Whether you are looking to enjoy a captivating sunset over the Pacific ocean with Bay Area Skydiving or the spectacular views of the Big Sur coastline by day, will help you find the best possible skydiving outfit for your ultimate tandem or freefall. With over 17 companies to choose from, helps you pick one to enjoy any one of the six distinct environmental areas California has to offer.

A typical California skydiving jump involves exiting at anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 meters (3,000 to 13,000 feet) altitude. If jumping from a low altitude, the parachute is deployed immediately, however, at higher altitudes, the skydiver may free-fall for a short period of time (about a minute). After the free-falling phase, a parachute is activiated to slow landing down to safe speeds. The landing process takes about 5 to 7 minutes and what a joyeous time that is.

All of our companies offer the ultimate in safety and have qualified instructors for tandem jumps as well as individual. From experienced to absolute beginner, we have the best skydiving outfits California has to offer.

In accordance with US regulations, skydivers are required to carry two parachutes. The reserve parachute must be periodically inspected and re-packed (whether used or not) by a certificated parachute rigger (in the US, an FAA certificated parachute rigger). Skydive companies meet the strict FAA regulations with the utmost care and precision. That way, you can be assured that your altimeters are working properly and that everything will happen safely on your skydive. wants to make sure that the only error in judgment which occurs is that of not picking a company.

Skydiving parachutes are designed to absorb the stresses of deployment at terminal velocity. Terminal velocity gives skydivers the sensation of a forcefully exhilarating wind. What better way to experience that thrill than over the wonderful California coast.

An experienced skydiver can manipulate the shape of their body in freefall to generate turns, forward motion, backwards motion, and even lift. has several companies capable of video-taping a skydiver’s antics so that they are preserved for posterity. So, get your gear on, we’re going . . . . Parasailing . . . with a company!

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