Caving FAQs

Caving FAQs

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Spelunker or Caver?

A Spelunker is a person who explores caves for sport or hobby. Most experienced cavers do not refer to themselves as Splelunkers. This is the term they call inexperienced “flashlight” Cavers. Like most sport or recreation groups, caving has its own language.

Where do I go Caving?

Your in luck! Your at the right website! has the most complete list of caving locations in the nation. Also, your opinion counts. Please contact us back after your adventure to place a testimonial on your experience (good or bad).

What is Ridgewalking

Looking for unexplored areas to go caving? We suggest “ridgewalking”. Walking the terrain looking for sinkholes, suspicious clumps of trees or outcroppings, this is what gets me excited. A methodical search with a lot of people will help you find unexplored caving spots. It won’t be easy to find great new places. But the harder you work the bigger the reward.

How do I record and report a new caving spot?

In your caving searches, if you are lucky enough to find an entrance or possible digging spot you will want to ensure you can find your way back. Now a days, everyone has a hand held GPS. This would work great in marking your possible new caving spot. Report your new caving site to the county or state survey organization to ensure you get credit for the discovery.

What equipment do I need?

While caving you will want the following: Quality leather boots, gloves, kneepads, cave map, carbide repair kits, candles & waterproof matches.

How dark is it in the cave?

Does the term pitch black mean anything? It is so dark in a cave, you can not see your hand in front of face. If you were to lose your light source, you certainly would not be able to find your way out without injury.

In just a couple hours of darkness your mind will start experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations. This is your minds way to attempt to compensate for the lack of sensory input. While caving you will want to ensure you have a back up light source and a backup backup light source.

What can I expect to see while caving?

All caving locations are different. So each new cave is a brand new adventure. Some things to expect to see rock, mud, sand, multicolored rocks, mineral formations, prehistoric petroglyphs, Indian artifacts, saltpeter vats, moonshine stills and the list goes on. This is what makes caving such a great adventure.

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