Caving Tips

Caving Tips

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Safe Caving Tips - Never Cave Alone

The number one safety tip in safe caving is never cave alone. What if something happens to you? What if you injure yourself? What if you get lost? Will you be able to get back to the cave entrance without help? The National Speleological Society recommends a minimum of three cavers to a group.

Safe Caving Tips - Let Someone Know Where You Are Caving

Always tell someone you trust where you will be caving and how long you expect to be gone. If something happen to your caving group, help will be on the way that much quicker and they won't waste valuable time trying to determine which you’re your exploring.

Proper Climbing Techniques – Caving Tips

Never climb a rope hand over hand. It is physically impossible to climb out of a deep hole using this technique. If you plan to explore pits, be sure to learn vertical techniques from people who know them well. Also, invest in the proper equipment. If you follow these easy tips you enjoy all the fun things to do caving.

Chose Your Light Source Wisely - Caving Safety Tips

Never use a flashlight or lantern as your primary source of light. It's a simple concept - rocks are hard - caves are dark. When (not if) you drop your hand held light source, they will break and you will be in the dark. Helmet attached headlamps (let’s hope your wearing a helmet) won’t drop and leave your hand free for climbing. ALWAYS have a back-up source of light. Make sure they are bright as your headlamp. No cylalumes or snap sticks (not bright enough).

Always wear A helmet

Every caver ought to be wearing a helmet to provide protection from low ceilings and projection, falls, or falling rocks. Standing up too fast in a low spot or running into a low area of ceiling or outcrop while concentrating on your footing are very common mistakes. While caving falling objects are a serious hazard when other cavers are climbing above you.

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