Epic Adventures at Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Friday July 04

Situated in the gorgeous Sonoran-Chihuahuan transition zone in Arizona’s Tucson valley, Colossal Cave Mountain Park offers a wide range of adventure tours exploring the fascinating ancient geology found in Colossal Cave. Available tours also include historic Western trail rides through the Sonoran desert, enjoying old fashion Cowboy Cookouts, and even panning for gold!

“We have a great many adventures to offer,” states Martie Maierhauser, Park Director at Colossal Cave Mountain Park. “Our tour of Colossal Cave takes just under an hour, and is offered 365 days a year. It is the largest dry cave in the United States and the passages were formed 350 million years ago. It has a constant temperature of 70 degrees and a very comfortable humidity level of 30 to 40 percent.”

An experienced guide leads the approximately half-mile tour, explaining the cave’s history, geology, as well as legends and folklore. Fascinating geological columns and formations including; stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, boxwork, cave popcorn, and helictites captivate adventurers during the tour.

“We also offer personalized adventure tours,” notes Maierhauser. “Our Ladder Tour explores areas of the cave that have only been semi-developed.” Participants, donning hard hats and lights, climb iron ladders and crawl through narrow passages to view portions of the cave few eyes have beheld.

“We also have a Wild Cave Tour,” add Maierhauser, “which ventures into undeveloped areas in the cave, through unlit passageways. The Wild Cave Tour is limited to six people and takes approximately three hours.”

A Ladder Tour is held every Saturday night with dinner afterward. Candlelight Tours, scheduled by reservation only, allow participants to view the cave in “a whole new light” as groups of up to 20 people embark on a 90-minute adventure guided only by flickering candles in their hands.

“People often ask about the history of cave,” Maierhauser relates. “A wonderful thing about cave is that walkways, handrails and lighting were installed by CCC in the 1930’s, as were our picnic areas and headquarters building. All work done by using hand tools and the workmanship is amazing.”

Another very popular adventure at Colossal Cave Mountain Park is the spectacular Trail Rides offered at their La Posta Quemada Ranch facility. These follow the historic National Mail Stagecoach route through the unspoiled Sonoran desert.

Maierhauser states, “Our trail ride is superb. Riders won’t see any sign of development along the old stage route. They simply enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the Sonoran desert. Tours range from an hour to half day rides. One of the most popular is a sunset ride with cowboy cookout at the end.”

The 2,400-acre Colossal Cave Mountain Park is located 15 miles southeast of Tuscon, Arizona. For further information, please visit

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