Laser Tag in Colorado

Friday August 22


What better way to experience the Rocky Mountains than by signing up for some outdoor laser tag. Of course, there are also plenty of indoor laser tag arenas, too, so if you don’t want to brave the weather conditions, you can still run around and zap your opponents. Be sure to drink lots of water, though, as the high altitude can be very dehydrating. Whether you want to run around outdoors or exercise your stealth strategies indoors, Colorado offers plenty of laser tag options to keep everyone from beginner to expert happy.
Laser tag is a team or individual activity where points are scored by tagging targets with a hand-held infrared-emitting device. Each player wears an infrared-sensitive target which are sometimes integrated in with the arena where laser tag is played. It all began back with the Milton Bradley Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy and now offers a level of sophistication which includes: combat simulation; role-play games,and even competitive events with precise tactical configurations and end results. Laser tag is painless in comparison with paintball because there are no physical projectiles.One of the most popular companies to provide laser tag is Laser Quest. There are several Laser Quest centers in Colorado.
Many of the games played in laser tag have Star Wars or Star Trek origines. There are several different versions of “capture the flag” or “protect the VIP,” in addition to actual “Borg” matches. The safety of Laser Tag means that its open to younger ages of players, than paintball. This makes it an enjoyable and energetic activity for families to play together. Most laser tag venues in Colorado offer strict safety standards with lightweight easy to use equipment. Typically, there are also scorecards and tracking devices which can give you your outcome at the end of a match. See where in Colorado - indoor or outdoor - you want to play Laser Tag by checking out the options on:

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