Explore the Shipwrecked Delaware Coast

Sunday May 11

While Delaware is the USA's second smallest state, it is rich in maritime history.  One of the most fun things to do in Delaware is to scuba dive Delaware's shipwrecked coast. There are many different explorations to have while you are diving deep into the sea floor of Delaware. While there are many different places to go while on your vacation, five shipwrecks stand out above the crowd. The Clythia, Saetia, USS Blenny, USS S 5, and the Washingtonian wrecks are the most famous of Delaware's shipwrecks.

The Clythia wreck is a iron hulled barkentine. While this vessel was transporting a load of marble from Italy, the ship met its fate. Because of this, it was given the name of The Marble Wreck. During low tide this ship is visible on the surface. With its plethora of corals and incredible bottom topography, this is a must stop for Delaware scuba divers

The Saetia, AKA The Colorado, was a steam powered freighter that met her grave on 11/09/1918. A mine laid by a German U 117 submarine caused the great cargo vessel to sink into the chilly waters. Resting upright in the water, the only members currently upon this war ship are corals and other marine life.

While enemy weapons have sunk many ships, the USS S five was sank by a pilot error. With an induction valve left open, the torpedo room violently received a lethal injection of water. in only 40 hours this submarine made its finale dive to the bottom of its chilly grave.

The USS Blenny was intentionally sunk as part of a artificial reef program. there are 4 easy access holes in it and lots of coral and marine life. With its ease of access and beautiful wildlife, this is a fun thing to do while in Delaware.

Finally, we come to the Washingtonian Wreck. This steam powered freighter rests completely upside down on the oceans floor. Shortly after her first birthday, this beauty collided with the Elizabeth Palmer, a wooden Schooner, receiving a lethal blow to the starboard side. The giant gash sank The Washingtonian in no time at all. It now is covered it coral and frequently visited by marine life and scuba divers alike.

So while you are looking for a fun thing to do in Delaware, look no farther than the history rich coast line of this great state. Scuba diving the shipwrecked coasts of Delaware is a vacation your family will never forget.



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