Dune Buggy Safety

Wednesday April 23

Practicing good dune buggy safety is a little bit different from regular ole automobile safety due to the fact that dune buggies are more exposed and wide open than regular cars. All of the firms listed on give the utmost regard to your safety no matter which fun-filled adventure you are choosing. Here are some tips to make your dune buggy experience all the more enjoyable.

First and foremost, check the weather. Particular rainy weather is unsuitable for driving because wet ground can cause a dune buggy to slip up. Checking a weather forecast for the day you plan on driving, and checking the sky when you get to your location is an easy common sense way to begin your dune buggy safety.

Next, you want to find a large open area to drive in, that’s why the Oregon dunes are an ideal place for dune buggy riding. The safest place to drive a dune buggy is in an area without many obstacles, particularly trees, that you can hit. Extremely dry areas are a bad choice, because driving in such an area could bring up a lot of dust, and obscure the vision of the driver. Always wear a helmet! And if you don't own the land you are riding on, you should probably get permission from the person who does before driving on it.

There is some effective dune buggy safety equipment out there and you definitely should use it. A good, strong, well-fitting safety helmet should always be worn, and can be found at most sporting goods stores or you can get one at the dune buggy rental place. If your dune buggy doesn't have a wind shield, wear sunglasses to keep dust or other harmful items, such as stones, from hitting your eyes. Make sure that the buggy's safety harness is on you properly. Loosening up the harness to get your arms through, and then tightening it to ensure you won't fly away in an accident is the best way to use a harness.

This may sound commonsensical, but most people forget to do this. Be careful when you are driving. Always make sure you are driving at a safe speed. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot drive fast, but make sure your speed is reasonable enough as to keep control of the vehicle. Turning too fast is a potential danger. When you are about to make a turn, ease up on the gas pedal, and begin to slowly turn the steering wheel in the direction you wish to go. This is the safest way to turn in a dune buggy or any kind of automated vehicle.

Needless to say, when it starts to get dark, headlights make the ground easier to see. So, turn them on. In the dark, your eyes won't be as reliable as during daytime. Turning on the headlights at night is a smart move, in case there are any holes or rocks that you might have been driving around, or for spotting live animals.

All of our dune buggy companies will provide you with the safest, most thrilling dune buggy experience you could ask for.

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