Dune Buggy in Oregon

Saturday June 07

It’s hard to slap a single characterization onto Oregon’s geography and people. The landscape mixes rugged coastline and thick evergreen forests with barren, fossil-strewn deserts, volcanoes and glaciers. One great way to explore what Oregon has to offer is to take a dune buggy ride through the Oregon sand dunes. With so many Dune options right off of Highway 101, you will be glad you checked everything out in advance on

Get the full experience of the beautiful Oregon Dunes and build memories that last a lifetime with a dune buggy adventure. Your adventure begins when you can rent Quads(ATV’s), 2-Seat, or 4-Seat Vehicles and drive them yourself; or take a Tour and have one of our experienced guides drive you. Oregon’s has several fantastic dune riding areas. When you rent a vehicle or take a tour, you will experience the majesty of Oregon’s windswept dunes, drive on scenic sand trails or ride along the breathtaking Pacific Ocean beach. Most places are very family oriented and encourage family members from infants to grandparents to come and experience everything the beautiful Oregon Sand Dunes have to offer. This is truly an experience the whole family will remember for years to come. At Oregon’s sand dunes, there is something for everyone!

Oregon’s largest and best dune riding area includes numerous trails and beach access. Some of the features are: high dunes as well as flatter riding areas and trails; scenic areas which includes the dunes, vegetation islands, a variety of wildlife, and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean; many friendly gathering places for ATV enthusiasts and dune buggy users; and all the amenities you require to have a fun-filled dune buggy adventure.

You'll find the recreation area headquarters and information center located west of Highway 101, in Reedsport. From there, it’s as easy as A,B, C to choose which dunes to explore and how to get there. Just be aware that coastal weather is characterized by continually changing moods; a winter day may bring a violent rain storm yet the following day may be clear, calm, and sunny. Summer fog is common and temperatures remain mild year. As long as you’re prepared for the weather with your selection of travel clothing, you’ll have the most memorable time ever on the Oregon sand dunes.

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