Scuba Diving in Key Largo Florida

Thursday April 24

Whenever people think of Florida Scuba Diving, one of the first places that comes to mind is Key Largo. It has been known as "The Scuba Diving Capital of the World" and when you start to look deeply at this place you can see why it was recognized as one of the top scuba diving areas in the country.

Key Largo is located at the north end of The Keys with Islamorada, Marathon and Key West being further south. Here you will find JohnPennekamp State Park, one of the greatest celebrated areas in the US. The John Pennekamp State Park was acknowledged as a location of stunning beauty and was the first underwater protected preserve in the United states. Key Largo has constantly been the area for the serious diver although for some travelling to Florida scuba diving Key West has had an allure due to its nightlife.

It doesn't matter whether you are a skilled diver or lacking some skills, Florida scuba trips to Key Largo has something extraordinary for every person. If you're an enthusiastic shipwreck diver your Florida scuba experience has to take in a dive of the Spiegel Grove. This mammoth ship is the largest wreck ever sunk in Florida and at 510ft she is an extraordinary sight.

This shipwreck is positioned in deeper waters and can be quite a test to experienced divers and is off limits to inexperienced divers. The restricted bottom time means this wreck requires more than one dive to fully survey.

Looking for a unique Florida scuba dive site? How about visiting the dive site Christ of the Abyss? A must do dive for everybody, this 4000lb figure can be visibly seen from the surface by snorklers. Donated by Egidi Cressi in 1962 to the Underwater Society of America, the effigy was sunk on its concrete base in just 22 feet of water on the seaward side of the reef.

An underwater photographers paradise has to be Molasses Reef and with the improvement in digital technology the rewards are even bigger. Probably one of the most popular dive sites in Key Largo if not the world, this reef is one of the most delightful reefs you are ever likely to come across. If you want amazing photographs full of life and color then Molasses Reef is for you as this reef is one of the most photographed reefs anywhere in the world. The wonderful marine life and the depth of the water provides subjects and lighting circumstances perfect for great photos.

Some divers just love diving shipwrecks and any Florida scuba trip to Key Largo can take in many shipwreck dives.

The Spiegel Grove can be a difficult dive but there are additional shipwrecks in Key Largo such as the two cutters Duane and Bibb which are exhilarating but easier dives. Both of these cutters were fully prepared as artificial reef sites before their sinking and therefore provide easy admission and examination of the wrecks.

Perhaps the reason that Key Largo is still so popular is the wide variety of dive sites. From spectacular reefs in shallow waters to the deeper dives of enormous shipwrecks, Key Largo seems to have something for every person.

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