Zipline in Georgia

Thursday August 21


When you’ve got Georgia on your mind, you tend not to think of zipline adventures, but, believe it or not, Georgia offers many kinds of vacation adventures including ziplining. Taking to the air and enjoying yourself is the important thing when ziplining in Georgia. Not just plantations and a taste of good ole fashioned Southern hospitality are in Georgia. Oh No! There’s much, much more in store when you take a relaxing vacation in the state of Georgia.
Many of the tours in Georgia begin with a “low and slow” start for your zipline adventure. From there, speed increases so that you easily find yourself zipping and greater heights and speeds through the rich, lush canopy. At some of the zipline companies, you can enjoy a birds-eye veiw of the North Oconee River, ravines, ponds, pastures, and the varieties of wildlife. As you soar through the air your consciousness of the steel cable and harness you are attached to will disappear and you will feel free as a bird. Many rides even include some sky bridges, dual racing ziplines, and even some guided nature hikes.   There’s a whole other side to explore in Georgia with your ziplining experience.
All of the zipline tour companies are conveniently located and easy to get to from central Georgia locations. You can even bring a picnic and have the fun of watching other folks trying out this new and invigorating adventure.   Reservations are strongly recommended and most tours run 7 days a week during daylight hours. Ziplining in Georgia is simply too much fun to keep your feet on the ground. Find out more about planning your successful takeoff NOW and inviting friends. Now, you’ll have an invigorating, exciting way to keep Georgia on your mind all the time.

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