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Surfing Lessons

Learning how to surf can be done on your own, but why not enjoy a few surfing lessons..... Continue reading..

Paddle Boarding Safety

It’s always pleasant and relaxing to watch paddle boarders out on the water. It’s even much more fun to be one of them.... Continue reading..

Worlds Greatest Windsurfing Destinations

Windsurfing became a new fad in the late 1970's when one out of three households had a windsurfing board..... Continue reading..


There are so very many ways to enjoy the temperate climate and enticing outdoor life of the Hawaiian islands..... Continue reading..

Surfing Safety

It may sound completely, obvious, but one of the first safety considerations is whether or not you are reasonably fit and able to swim..... Continue reading..

Zipline in Hawaii

Hawaii offers so many adventures, that you are most certainly spoiled for choice. One of them is ziplining..... Continue reading..

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