Surfing Lessons

Saturday July 12


Learning how to surf can be done on your own, but why not enjoy a few surfing lessons. You’ll learn some valuable techniques, get better acquainted with the sport in a safer way, and even gain confidence more quickly when you take a surfing lesson. At popular worldwide surfing destinations such as; Hawaii, California, Florida, Rio de Janeiro, Ireland, Southern England, Australia, and Costa Rica, there are a number of surf schools and surf camps that offer lessons.
No matter where you’re choosing to apply your newfound surfing skills, most surf lessons start by instructors pushing students into waves on longboards. A longboard is the ideal learner surfboard due to its easier paddling speed and better stability than shorter boards. Surfing lessons are best benefitted from when received one-on-one, but they can also be done in a group setting.   The surf spots which are most conducive to learning and having beneficial surfing lessons are usually sand bars or sandy bottom breaks which have consistent waves available for practice.
There are several important skills which any decent surf lesson will cover. They are: drop in positioning to catch the wave, the pop-up, and positioning on the wave.   The drop is a key element of good surfing. In fact, many surfers practice their “drop” skills on a board on dry land before even beginning to use them in the wave-filled water.   Preferred positioning on the wave is determined by how experienced the surfer is at reading wave features; including exactly where the wave is breaking. In addition, balance plays a crucial role in being able to stand up on and navigate your surfboard. Balance training exercises with a balance board or swing board can help beginners more quickly master the skills essential for surfing. Some equipment which is useful for new surfers is a leash or surf traction pads. A leash will help to stop the surfboard from drifting away after a wipeout and prevents it from hitting other surfers. The traction pads help keep the surfer’s feet from slipping off the deck of the actual surfboard.   All of the companies listed on: have safe equipment and well-qualified instructors in scenic ocean settings available to teach you and your family how to successfully surf!

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