Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas

Saturday August 09


For many people, hunting itself is a thrill which pays off with lots of patience and skill. For people with a little less patience, there may be a new, novel way to enjoy exercising your hunting skills while also solving an environmental problem, and getting a fresh take on how to get an adrenalin rush. That novel approach is to go helicopter hog hunting! What exactly is helicopter hog hunting, you may ask? Well, it’s a fantastic new way to enjoy a helicopter flight while still sharpening your shooting skills.
One of the benefits of helicopter hog hunting that makes it such an attractive activity is that, in Texas, where the helicopter hog hunting will become legal on September 1, 2011 is that it will help local farmers get rid these wild hogs who are destroying their land and will give hog hunters a new challenge and perspective on hog hunting. There are very specific rules and regulations when it comes to hog hunting from a helicopter. In Texas, there has been a proliferation of wild hogs since the early 1990s. Plus, the current Texas Legislature is also expanding the state’s arsenal in the attempt to cull the wild hog “hog wild” expansion by legalizing a way to take a helicopter flight and hunt hogs successfully.
Shooting from the sky is a novel approach which any seasoned hunter would enjoy.  Hunting hogs from a helicopter is not an easy task, in fact it may be one of the hardest hunting challenges you will ever experience. Shooting a gun in a moving helicopter is a totally different experience having to deal with wind, helicopter movement, and hogs running wild will equate to much needed safety and training classes.  InTexas, hunters can buy a seat and assist a landowner in solving their hog problem in a fun, enjoyable way. A manner which also makes it less expensive or free for the landowner themselves. It’s called “aerial wildlife management” and is a way to provide more shooting thrills for the hunter and also assist the landowners by doing quicker hog management in larger numbers.   Experienced hunters will take great joy in seeing how many hogs they can successfully target and shoot in a hour or two hour long helicopter flight. 

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