Horseback Riding FAQs

Horseback Riding FAQs

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Horseback FAQs

Believe it or not, the most important thing you can do to improve and enjoy your horseback riding is to RELAX. Every animal is unique and horses are no exception. Make sure you ask the guides about your horse’s temperment and try to learn something from each animal every time you ride. There really is no way to become an expert horse rider than with time, patience, and practice, so use your trail ride as a way to have fun and learn a little.

How long does a trail ride take?

The average length of a trail ride is one hour. However, many stables will provide two-hour trail rides seasonally. There are also ways to privately book a ride which is tailored your riding levels and needs or for folks who want to share the experience with family and friends. Some stables also offer special rides like a twilight tour with an outdoor campfire and barbecue dinner. Obviously, this would take longer than an hour. It’s up to you how much or how little you decide to do.

What kind of trail riding is available?

Again, this will depend upon the skill level of the riders taking to the trail. Beginner trail rides will be walk only and are recommended as a way for novice riders to gain confidence at a leisurely paced ride. There are intermediate rides which include walking and trotting depending upon the skill level of the riders -- sometimes, even some cantering. Advanced trail rides are walk, trot, and canter.

Is there an age limit for trail riding?

Typically only pony rides are available to children four and under. Then, from 5 to 17, the ride is based upon age and skill level. Most stables have experienced wranglers who can help determine the best ride for your family’s skill level.

Can I bring my own animal for the trail ride?

Many stables have full-service boarding facilities, so, YES! Boarding privileges typically include access to trails to ride on your own or the option to join trail rides to learn trails and meet new folks.

What if some of our riders have no riding experience?

All wranglers at any stable will be able to offer adult riders some basic instruction prior to the ride and while the ride is getting mounted. If one on one instruction is required, there are usually private lessons available.

Is a helmet required for all riders?

Any rider under age 18 MUST wear a helmet. Riders are encouraged to bring their own or one will be provided for them. Riders over age 18 who choose not to wear a helmet will be asked to sign a waiver.

Is double riding allowed?

No. Only one rider per horse.

Do I need any special clothing for horseback riding?

The main requirement is that you wear closed-toe low-heeled shoes -- no flip-flops or sandals! Other than that, dress according to the weather, but long pants are always a good idea for horseback riding -- no matter how hot it is.

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