Horseback Riding Tips

Horseback Riding Tips

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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is a fab way for the entire family to get out on the trail, explore some natural beauty, and churn up some serious trail dust. Any of the companies listed on will mindfully match your riders to the right temperament of horse and give you a scenic journey which will make your vacation completely memorable and fun. Before you start, though, here are a few tips for making your Horseback Ride enjoyable, safe, and full of adventure.

Examine your tack

Always examine your tack thoroughly before you start. Most companies will have already done this, but little things like keeping your saddle horn directly aligned with the horse’s mane is an easy eyeball job and can save you some saddle sores later. In this case, a little horse sense goes a long, long way towards an agreeable ride.

Wear hard-soled boots

Wear hard-soled boots or shoes with a small heal. Stirrups can be very tricky to maneuver with at times, by avoiding boots with deep arches or large treads, you can save your feet and your horse from any safety hazards like getting a foot caught the wrong way round in the stirrups.

Wear protective head gear

Always wear protective head gear. A riding helmet can provide protection in the event of a fall, but there are also elements like tree branches or other trail hazards which a hat will protect you from. Should you choose not to wear a helmet, most companies will have you sign a waiver.


Sunglasses are another useful thing to wear out when following the cowboy way (or even English riding). They will protect you against ultraviolet rays, dust, and dirt. No matter how wet the trail is, there is always a certain amount of trail dust churned up just from the horse using the trail.

Other clothing

As far as other clothing goes, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants gives you the best protection from scrapes, sunburn, and even insect bites. Be sure to use liberal amounts of bug repellent before heading out. You may even want to ask the trail guides if you can apply some bug repellent to your horse.

Stick to the trail your guide takes you on!

Now, that some of the basic safety elements have been covered, it’s time to actually do a little trail riding. Riding along a scenic trail can be very relaxing as long as folks stick to the trail. Woodland areas can be full of unknown hazards. The woods could have rubbish or natural hazards hidden under the vegetation. Barbed wire is a big concern. Along many trails, barbed wire may have been put up years ago for various reasons. The barbed wire may be partially down, rusty, and difficult to see. So, stick to the trail your guide takes you on!

Horse sense

Horseback riding IS very enjoyable and a relatively safe form of recreational activity. By using a little horse sense and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime of trail-riding and a wide variety of trails.

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