Hunting FAQs

Hunting FAQs

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What is the required age for a hunting or fishing license?

It varies from state to state with the average being about 16 years of age.

Are there any special permit stamps or permissions I will need on my license?

Again, it will depend upon the state you are hunting in. Generally, all persons 16 years of age and older are required to purchase a federal duck stamp when hunting migratory waterfowl.

If we are in the military, do we still need to purchase a hunting or fishing license?

Yes, you will need to purchase a license, but there are no restrictions for purchasing it or for its use if you are in the military.

Are there any particular animals that cannot be hunted?

This will vary according to the geography, climate, and laws of the area you are hunting in. Be sure to find out when you get your hunting license for that particular state and area. Restrictions are typically enforced very stringently, so get good information about what is and isn’t accessible. Usually, a hunting license covers small game species such as rabbit, squirrel, red fox, grey fox, coyote, etc. A Deer Hunting license is purchased to specifically hunt deer.

What are the restrictions for antlered versus anterless deer?

A special bonus license is required for antlerless deer. You do not have to shoot an antlered deer before your shoot an antlerless deer (or vice versa).

How many licenses can I buy? How many deer can I harvest?

It varies according to the area you are shooting in, but typically you are permittedto buy one specific license to harvest (1) antlered deer. There are restrictions on the number of Bonus Anterless bag limits ranging from zero (0) to eight (8).

How much do the licenses cost?

Licenses can range in price from $15.00, $24.00, on up to $150.00 depending on where you are hunting and whether or not you are a resident. Bear in mind that licenses are only valid for one particular season with a start date and an end date. Deer Season usually begins in mid-September and runs on through to early January. Firearms season is for species other than deer and has a separate time limit which is usually much shorter and more strictly enforced.

What is "baiting"?

Baiting can include any of the following: 1) a solid or liquid that is transported and intended for animal consumption, 2) salt, and 3) mineral blocks. An area is considered baited for ten (10) days after the removal of the bait or the baited soil. Hunting in orchards or another area which may be attractive to deer as a result of normal agricultural activity, is not prohibited. Farmer's salt for livestock is not bait.

Where can I get hunting equipment?

The equipment you use for hunting depends upon your prey. Some of the types of animals which can be hunted are: deer, moose, caribou, birds such as rough grouse, Canadian geese, mallard ducks, wood duck, rabbit, wild turkey and waterfowl. There are also hunters that hunt for fox, wolf, beaver as well as squirrels, cats and wild hogs. Typically, none of the equipment for this sport can be rented, it all needs to be purchased. There are a number of outdoor outfitters who you can consult with to find out the best equipment and supplies for the type of prey being hunted. In addition to the protective clothing necessary, there are a number of supplies such as binoculars, firearms improvements, and even animal scenting sprays or powders. Just be sure that any equipment you use is not restricted by your hunting license or any laws of the area you are hunting in.

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