Hunting History

Hunting History

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History of Hunting

Hunting is an activity than has gone on since homo sapiens first began. It involves the practice of pursuing any living thing (usually wildlife) for food, recreation, or trade. In present-day terms, it refers to lawful hunting as opposed to poaching. Poaching is the trapping, killing, or capture of wildlife which is against the law. Species which are hunted are referred to as game. Game is usually mammals, and migratory or non-migratory gamebirds.

In past centuries, hunting such as fur trapping was a skilled trade. Nowadays hunting can involve the elimination of vermin, as a means of pest control to prevent diseases caused by overpopulation. This is called “culling.” Hunting proponents are firm in their belief that hunting is a necessary component of modern of modern environmental and wildlife management. This is beacause it helps to maintain a population of healthy animals within the environment’s ecological carrying capacity, when the natural checks and balances such as predators are missing. The United States employs a number of wildlife managers who are frequently involved with establishing the regulations and licensing bodies for which game may be hunted.

From the original “hunters and gatherers,” civilization moved into establishing language, religion, and culture. Hunting is often a theme in stories and myths in primitive cultures. There were also many dance rituals and animal sacrifices involved in early religious and cultural practice. Hunting devolved from a central part of daily living to a more subsidiary role with the domestication of livestock and the beginning of more agriculturally based societies.

Many species of animals have been hunted over time. The species which has consistently been hunted over time and has much cultural importance is the caribou or wild reindeer. There are many indigenous cultures today which still value hunting a type of caribou or reindeer as a valuable contribution to daily life and an important activity.

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