Hunting Tips

Hunting Tips

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Practice weapons safety

Use the utmost care and safety with your weapon. Do not wave your weapon around, point it at anyone, or prop yourself on an upturned muzzle. Do not shoot at any target unless there is a safety backstop. Follow up on all shots -- even if you think it is a miss and don’t take wild shots at the game.

Respect other hunters and non-hunters

Remember that you are sharing the woods with other hunters and non-hunters. Practice basic respect. If you’ve set up next to another hunter or accidentally walked into an area they are hunting, the thing to do is just leave quietly. It can be difficult to be patient when a group of non-hunters noisily moves into your area, but respect is the key.

Keep the woods clean

This one cannot be stressed enough. It is good practice to leave any hunting or camping area cleaner than it was when you arrived. Make sure you carry out all of your trash and even any other trash you may find.

Show your respect for the wildlife you are hunting

Taking only your best shot is a way to show respect for animals. If the game cannot be hit in a way that would put it down immediately, then you probably shouldn’t take the shot. Quick, clean kills are the best and most respectful way to hunt safely.

Respect other’s belongings which are in the woods

Hunting season can be a very busy and hectic time in the woods. Take some of the stress out of it by respecting the belongings of others. Most hunters don’t mind other hunters using their stands, as long as it is done respectfully and nothing gets damaged. Any hunting gear you find in the woods should be left alone. Don’t mess with cushions, straps, ropes, etc. and definitely don’t leave a mess behind you.

Know the laws of where you are hunting and respect the rules and regulations

Make sure you know what is and isn’t legal before you are in the woods. Take the time to become aware and learn what the legal do’s and don’ts are. In the same vein, obey the rules and regs. If there is a regulation about not driving objects into the trees, then don’t drive nails or screws into the trees. Whether it makes sense to you or not, obeying the laws, rules, and regulations is the best and most respectful way to interact with the woods during hunting season.

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