Hunting Terms

Hunting Terms

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This part is aptly named. It is the piece of the gun which loads the gun, fires the weapon, and ejects the cartridge.

The long, skinny part of the gun. The bullet whizzes through it before it comes out.

The equipment on your weapon which holds the bullet in place until it is fired.

Where the cartridge is placed on the gun and the part of the weapon which should be handled with the utmost safety and care.

Not wasting resources. In many areas of the country, there are very strict laws governing conservation. Be sure you familiarize yourself with the restrictions of whatever area you will be hunting in.

Where you would place your front hand on the gun, located under the barrel

The end part of the barrel which is aimed at your prey.

Animals that eat other animals. Knowing which predators stalk the prey you are hunting can help you find them.

The frame in which the barrel and action are located -- the main body of the weapon which the hunter handles and which keeps the weapon together.

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