Hunting Safety

Monday September 01


There are a few common sense tips for Hunting safety. They are easy to follow and adhere to. You definitely want to do the following: assume every gun is loaded; control the muzzle by pointing your gun in a safe direction, keep you finger off the trigger until you are completely ready to shoot, be extremely sure of your target and beyond. These are some safety ideas which apply to your weapon, but what about your good self? What are some hunter safety tips for you?
Did you know that wearing hunter orange keeps you 7 times safer than not? In spite of this fact many hunters still do not wear orange. Smart hunters know and understand why wearing orange is safe for themselves and their fellow hunters.   Deers have red-green color blindness. There are no red-sensitive cone cells in their eyes; they can’t tell red or orange from green and brown. In addition to their color blindness, deer have different sensitivity to various wavelengths of light than humans. Deer can see short wave colors such as blue (and even ultra-violet -- which humans cannot see) more vividly than humans do, but they are less sensitive to the longer wavelengths of orange and red. That’s why orange and red appear darker to deer than to humans.
When you are wearing hunter orange, you can be seen. Fluorescent orange clothing is now standard equipment for hunters. The reason for this is it looks very bright to humans (but not most game animals) and looks like nothing in nature. It prevents hunters from mistaking a person for an animal or shooting in a human’s direction. The hunters who wear hunter orange are seven times less likely to be shot than hunters who do not wear orange. There is no law in New York State requiring hunters to wear hunter orange, but most do. Over 80 percent of big game hunters wear it, as well as two out of three small game hunters.

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