Helicopter Tours and Rides

Sunday August 03


What better way to explore some of America’s scenic wonders -- natural and man-made -- than from the cockpit of your very own helicopter tour. There are so many licensed, professional companies to choose from all with spectacular aerial sites to see, well-qualified pilots, and state of the art equipment. From Hawaii to Nevada to New York City or the Florida Keys, seeing the sights from a helicopter seat will make your pulse race and give you a glimpse of many things you wouldn’t ordinarily see. 
Las Vegas is one of the more popular Helicopter Touring spots. From any one of their safe and highly qualified companies, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip or natural scenery such as Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and the Nevada mountain ranges. Or, how about observing some natural volcano activity or beautifully tall sparkling clear waterfalls from the heights only a helicopter can reach. The possibilities are endless. To get more ideas or explore your own options, visit: There are many exciting options for helicopter tours.
Not only the weathercasters can enjoy the pleasure of a birds eye view and taking in the sights and sounds from high above the crowds. Helicopters offer a thrilling way to see and photograph what you wouldn’t be able to any other way. With the ability to stop and hover over any landmark, point of interest, or scenic sight, taking a helicopter tour gets you where the action is and gives you the ability to see it up close and personal.
Be sure to bring your camera and your smile! You’re sure to see the most intriguing things when you take your helicopter tour. Can’t you just hear the rush of the rotors now?

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