Outdoor Wind Tunnels

Saturday July 26



Outdoor Wind Tunnels are an exciting new development which gives you the vertical wind tunnel experience out in the open range. It’s an exciting an scenic way to feel the thrill of skydiving in a more controlled experience while also allowing your friends and family to see what is going on with you, your adrenalin rush, and the entire thrill-seeking experience. Outdoor Wind Tunnels are available in many states which have temperate climates to support this electrifying way to enjoy the great outdoors.
Wind Tunnels -- indoor or outdoor -- are a recreational way to enjoy bodyflight or to experience the thrill of skydiving in a controlled way. It’s alsoa popular training tool for professional skydivers. Vertical wind tunnels allow human beings to fly through the air without the use of planes or parachutes, but through the force of wind being generated vertically. Wind moves upwards at approximately 195 km/h (120 mph or 55 m/s), the terminal velocity of a human body falling can vary in speed in an outdoor wind tunnel.   The human body “floats” in midair in a vertical wind tunnel in a way which is called “bodyflight.”
Outdoor Wind Tunnels are also ideal for professional or novice athletes to practice flying through the air for long distances, such as ski jumping. Practicing in an outdoor wind tunnel allows people to use specific techniques to increase jumping distance by manipulating their bodies in ways which make them more airfoil-like.   There are a number of folks who visit outdoor wind tunnels often who are called “tunnel rats,” in the same way that frequent visitors to ski slopes and ski areas are called “ski bums.”   Give your inner “tunnel rat” a work-out by visiting an outdoor wind tunnel from one of the listings on:

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