An Iowa Fall

Tuesday October 14

Every year, thousands of visitors come to Iowa for its breath taking display of fall colors. With an incredible amount of natural forest, Iowa is a perfect place to go for a romantic fall vacation. The changing of the leaves is one of the most brilliant displays on earth and there is no better place to see it than in the Iowa country side.

                With various different types of trees, Iowa gives the sight seer a beautiful variety of color and shapes. The soft maples of Iowa, such as the silver maple, will turn into a beautiful yellow color. One of the incredible things about them is they won’t turn brown before falling. Iowa is also covered in many hard maples which produce the brilliant red, orange and gold colors that make Iowa such an awe inspiring country side. The Beautiful red oak covers Iowa and that is why it is the state tree. With their rich red hues, they make a lovely addition to the colors of fall. The lowlands of Iowa are home to the Green Ash. These trees produce a vibrant yellow leaf and are known to have a touch of purple. There are many other trees in Iowa that each adds its own touch to the splendor of the Iowa country side. Iowa is in its peak color change, on average, during the weekend closest to the 10th of October. It would be in your best interest to plan your fall outing around this time.
While you are in Iowa, there are many other exciting and fun things to do besides the fall color tour. Iowa has many different golf courses that are just as beautiful as the changing of the colors. With many trees lining each hole, it is a great way to have fun while enjoying the beauty of fall.Hot air balloon rides are also an attraction for the Iowa sight seer. The view of the trees from high up can be matched by no other way. Regardless what your appetite for fun is, there are many different ways to enjoy an Iowa fall. will give you all the help you need to enjoy this wonderful time of year.


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