Æ’ Adventure Watersports in Marathon Florida

Jet Ski

Adventure Watersports in Marathon Florida

Deep sea fishing and scuba diving and snorkeling are the orders of the day when you visit Marathon, Florida..... Continue reading..

Jet Skiing in Boca Raton Florida

This area of Florida located on the Atlantic coast enjoys sunshine and warm weather for the majority of the entire year, which makes it the perfect beach destination for vacation..... Continue reading..

Jet Skiing Rentals in Florida

Catch a glimpse of dolphins playing or a peaceful manatee resting in the fabulous Florida waters of the Atlantic Ocean..... Continue reading..

Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski

One of the best ways to enjoy Jet Skiing is simply Renting one..... Continue reading..

Different types of Jet Skis

There are mainly two types of jet skis, all of which are used for recreational entertainment and trasnportation on a body of water. With a solo jet ski, only one person can operate it at a time and must be standing up to operate it..... Continue reading..

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