Different types of Jet Skis

Friday August 08


Originally the brand name of personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki, jet ski now is the name attached to any type of personal watercraft. These gas-powered machines can travel through the water much like a boat; only more compact. They can accomodate up to 3-4 passengers on certain makes and models and are designed for aquatic entertainment and enjoyment.
There are mainly two types of jet skis, all of which are used for recreational entertainment and trasnportation on a body of water. With a solo jet ski, only one person can operate it at a time and must be standing up to operate it. The second basic type is a sport jet ski which has a seat for one more and can even have extended seating for up to three people. Both of these types are manufactured by a variety of companies with options for customization and different engine speeds.
Most jet skis have engines capable of reaching high speeds between 15 mph and 60 mph. The motor size determines how fast the jet ski is capable of going. Most models can easily seat one to four adults depending on the model. There are, however, many types of jet skis which are water racing machines built for tournament competition. Another fun and thrilling thing to do is to pull passengers behind a jet ski in a small inner tube or floating device.
No matter what jet ski purposes you and your party have in mind, be aware that jet skis are considered personal watercraft and are subject to National Coast Guard standards just like any other type of boat. Make sure to follow marine instructions and be conscious of other water traffic in order to enjoy this thrilling water activity safely.

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