Kart Racing Tips

Kart Racing Tips

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Kart Racing Tips - Sit Correctly

By sitting correctly back in the seat and resisting the urge to lean towards the wheel will make a huge difference in how your Kart handles.

Kart Racing Tips - Hold The Wheel Correctly

Holding the wheel at 9 and 3 ( like that on a clock face) is the lowest you should hold the wheel. 10 and 2 is the highest. Keep your kart stable by always holding the wheel in the same place while driving and by keeping your hands symmetrically placed.

Kartr Racing Tips - Braking

After you are confident in the speed of the cart, and are used to sitting correctly and holding the wheel steady, you need to learn to brake properly. Brake hard and be fast with the pedal so that your rears almost lock. Make sure to begin releasing the brake before you turn into a corner.

Kart Racing Tips - Driving

Experiment with kart racing lines. Keep the kart wide and straight for as long as you can before you turn in to the corners.

Keep the kart going straight for as long and often as you can. The speed of the kart is reduced by turning. Turn in later until you can't reach the apex, then you know you have gone to far.

To start your braking zone carry your exit speed out of the corner.Remember it's not how fast you get into the corner but rather how fast you exit.

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