Kayak & Canoe Tips

Kayak & Canoe Tips

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Kayaking / Canoe Tips- Paddle Selection

Choose the proper paddle. Just as boats vary by use and needs, paddles come in many shapes and sizes. Longer paddles are used for a more relaxed stroke and are often used by recreational and sea kayakers. Shorter paddles allow a more powerful and compact stroke for whitewater maneuverability. Some paddles are specific for right or left handed paddlers.

Paddling Tips for Canoeing / Kayaking

When paddling, do not just use your arms. Also use the large muscles in your torso. Use the muscles in your shoulder and back to power through the stroke. Try to execute each stroke without curling your arm. Simply pull your entire arm back, allowing the angle at your elbow to naturally change the motion of the paddle. If you utilize these simple tips, you will not get tired as fast and you will enjoy the fun things to do kayaking and canoeing.

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