Fun things to do in South Carolina

Monday July 21


When you cross the border from North Carolina into South Carlolina you feel like you’ve taken a plunge backwards in time. Venturing into South Carolina, for any traveler heading down the eastern US seaboard, South Carolina marks the true beginning of the Deep South. Down here, ya’ll, the accents are thicker, the air a little bit hotter and wetter, and tradtions are fervently clung to.   From plantations to golf courses, to wide open sea-breezes, South Carolina offers a wealth of possibilities to explore.
The state clambers westward from the Coastal Plain from its beginning at the silvery sands of the Atlantic Coast. From there it ambles on up through the Sand Hills, the Piedmont, the Foothills, and on upward to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River. The main tourist attractions are on the coast with its glorious marshlands, white-columned, colonial plantatons, and palm tree-dotted beaches.   However, venturing further instate, you will find a wealth of sleepy old towns, wild and undeveloped state parks, and even some blackwater swamps waiting to be explored by canoe. Further out and along the sea islands, you can hear the sounds of the Gullah, a culture and language developed particularly in this area. 
Whether you seek the sophistication that is Charleston, or a more raucous beach venture at the tacky, fun Myrtle Beach; South Carolina is a palm-scented affordable destination which will satisfy your need for refinement and excitement.

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