Hunting Outfitters FAQ’s

Thursday October 02

Taking an excursion with a hunting outfitter can be great fun when you ask the right questions ahead of time. Here is a selection of some of the most frequently asked questions about this type of adventure vacation.

Q: How do I book a hunt with a hunting outfitter?

A: Use our tips to find a company that fits your needs. Once you’ve found the company which will fulfill your expectations, it’s easy to pay a deposit and book a trip via telephone or e-mail.
Q: What type of accomodation and lodging is available?
A: Many firms have arrangements with area bed and breakfasts or hotels for your ease and convenience. Some of them even have discounted rates for hunters. Of course, other companies provide on-site lodging.
Q: Are there any trophy fees or fines for harvesting small bucks?
A: There are no trophy fees. Most places will impose a fine for prey which is below a certain size as they are still young and developing, but encourage getting the larger prey.
Q: What is included with the hunt experience?
A: Many hunting outfitters are semi-guided hunts in interesting locales. Typically, one of your hunting outfitter guides will show the hunters hot areas for stand locations. Many hunting outfitters recommend setting at least 2 stands to help against changing winds or being patterned.

Q: Is there a place to process the prey or do we have to do it ourselves?
A: Many hunting outfitters provide this service on site. If they do not have one, there will be recommendations for a butcher shop close by. Most hunting outfitters will help you get your prey called in as well as getting it to the butcher shop.
Q: Are maps provided for the hunting areas?
A Hunting outfitters usually provide aerial and topographical maps for hunters. That way, the hunting party can get together with a guide to work out a strategy using the maps.
Q: Are there any references from previous expeditions?
A: Yes, there are references from both successful and unsuccessful hunts.
Q: What supplies do I need to ring?
A: Necessary permits, climbing tree stand, camouflage clothing and oves, scent control clothing, rain gear, warm socks and boots, binoculars, deer scents, flashlight and extra batteries.
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