Laser Tag Tips

Laser Tag Tips

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Laser Tag Tips

1) Wear dark-colored clothes

2) Comfortable shoes are a must! No high-heels ladies!

3) Layer up your clothes! You may start out cool and calm..but the running, the screaming, and the adrenaline warms you up rather fast.

4) Learn the layout and find the spots with the best vantage point...Don't play it to safe..if you haven't seen anyone in about 30 seconds..MOVE!

5) If you are not in top top physical shape the upper levels are great for shooing down at unsuspecting questers. It can get boring up there but its a good way to catch your breath for a minute.

6) To avoid public humiliation by getting a low score, take out the kids, they are your saving grace. Mean but true!

7) Keep moving and do the crab walk, if you stand around in one place you will get taken out by more experienced players.

8) If you aren't able to duck, turn sideways if you see someone with their sights set on you. That way they have less of a chance of hitting your sensors. I

9) Letting loose with rapid fire in the direction of an opponents sensors proves to be more productive than carefully taking aim.

10) By turning sideways so your face is turned to your left or right shoulder and aiming in that direction you will feel like Brad Pitt in an action movie.

11) Make sure to drink lots of water as you will sweat! Guys, please wear your deodorant that day!

12) Be sure to have FUN!!!! Challenge yourself, Take on someone your own size, not just the unsuspecting little kids!

More Laser Tag Tips

1) Duck and stay low when running barrier to barrier.

2) Avoid short barriers if you are tall

3) Go trigger happy as you have unlimited ammo!

4) Don't forget to use your scope.

5) Gang up with your team on people!

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