Laser Tag Terms

Laser Tag Terms

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(noun) Player (usually at a high experience level) who dedicates his Lazer Tag career to tag out the hot shot Players (or Taggies).

(verb) To use the StarLyte in any attempt to register a hit on a StarSensor.

(verb) Putting something between a StarLyte user and your StarSensor.

(noun) A Player who tags out members of his or her own team to eliminate competition for tagpoints against the opposing team.

A duelist is a professional player. Rankings are Neophyte, Beamer, Lance, Armsman, Professional and Duelist.

(noun) The Team leader and captain. It is the marshal's job to direct his team to victory using strategies discussed before the contest.

(noun) A player who seems gets themselves killed in every game.

(noun) New player that thinks he can beat anybody, but comes out cowering his or her head in shame because the experienced player(s) put 'em in his place. Low Heads are usually accompanied by I would have won if (blame it on someone else). See also Lemming-tagger and Mooga.

(noun) Once one reaches the rank of Duelist, the only further honor you can receive is to become a Mentor. You become a Mentor by training another player all the way from Neophyte to Professional rank. If you train multiple people, you add a number for each person trained (i.e. Mentor 1= Mentor has trained 1 person, Mentor 5= 5 people trained, etc...)

(noun) Person totally unskilled at the game, the first one killed, even a newbie beats them down, falls out of trees, etc.

(noun) Someone lying prone or kneeling. These could be hit players or bystanders. Avoid prones as they may move when you least expect it, causing a collision.

(verb) Blocking your censor so you cant get hit.

(noun) A nasty bio-engineered creature introduced on the Lazer Tag Saturday morning cartoon show (Check your local video store). They were created in the future to work as slaves before people realized how cruel it is to do such a thing.

(noun) There is a nickname for the loud player who constantly shouts, brags about his StarLyte skills, crashes into people, and is generally disagreeable. He is called a "taggie." This is because everyone wants to tag him out. Lazer Tag Sportsmen should avoid being taggies at all times.

(noun) A Player receives six tagpoints for every person he or she tags out on the opposing team regardless of whether the player has caused all of the score LEDs on the enemy's StarSensor to Turn on. Players are not given any Tagpoints for tagging out people on their own team. If one is caught blocking or cheating in any unacceptable manor, one is penalized by having one to three tagpoints revoked. Players use accumulated Tagpoints to show how good they are at Lazer Tag.

A Lazer Tag team usually has six players. Individuals on a team are ranked as follows: Novice, Rookie, Veteran, Expert, Knight, Marshal. Being on a team is the most sought after occupation of the Lazer Tag Sportsman.

(noun) A tasty morsel often enjoyed as a reward after a hard earned victory.

(noun) This is short for Worlds of Wonder, the company that first brought us Lazer Tag and other hi-tech toys like the locker answering machine and Teddy Ruxpin.

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