Laser Tag in Michigan

Monday July 28

For any fan of the heart-pounding fun that Laser Tag provides, Michigan has lots of unique arenas with creative themes and innovative play areas for singles or teams. Laser Tag combines the basics of good old-fashioned tag with the modern element of lasers. It mixs the old with the new in a stimulating way. The young-at-heart and the young all enjoy a brisk round of Laser Tag. Finding a company in Michigan is no sweat when you use

You will soon find yourself donning the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available in a venue with different levels, themes, music, special effects, and lighting. How fun is that? Scrambling around the laser tag arena is a joyful way to experience some quality family time in a fanciful way. You can imagine that you are your very own Luke Skywalker chasing Darth Vader all over the laser universe.

You could find yourself competing in a place like Laser Edge. Laser Edge is basically a two-level maze. What sets it apart from many other arenas are the atmospheric and theming touches out on the field. Laser Edge is themed as a space mining colony in the future. Out in the field are areas that are designed to look like a rock mine...very cool.

Normally, realistic props or theming in a laser tag arena can be a distraction not an attraction. Play is usually so fast, that such elements are ignored by players during the game. There can sometimes be live action animatronics and intricate painting. All of which the players are oblivious to because laser tag is so engrossing and interactive.

However, at Laser Edge, it is an exception. The arena has a space shuttle craft right on the playing field. It actually works because you can play tag all around it. This is interesting for both new and experienced players. The realistic scenery at Laser Edge takes interesting theming to its most practical limits without going over the top like so many other arenas.

From the multi-level venue with swirling fog and loud music to an indoor/outdoor arena with a realistic theme, you can find the most imaginative laser tag places in Michigan when you check out There will truly be no stopping you and your fellow players. May the force be with you!

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