Canoe Vacations and Fun Canoeing Getaways

Friday May 30

1. For less experienced or younger canoeists, try paddling around a pond or down a slow stream. This will help get the paddlers used to the momentum needed to keep the boat moving along. Canoeing in shallow water lets beginners learn to navigate water with little danger of drowning, especially with two or more people together. If one ends up in the water, the other may be able to help pull him out.

2. Those with intermediate canoeing skills may want to take the boat out onto a lake in the area. With deeper waters, more of a current, and a higher volume of traffic, the canoeing experience will be more challenging, thus helping the paddlers to improve existing skills or to develop new ones. For this type of outing, the occupants of the canoe should wear life jackets and bring along safety equipment, like a radio and any needed supplies.

3. A more challenging outing can be experienced in mountain streams, parkland lakes, or seawaters. These areas should be undertaken by only experienced canoeists, as unexpected currents, flood waters, or obstacles can throw a boater off-guard. A good idea would be to take a boating safety course first and learn how to manage a canoe in adverse circumstances, such as a boat leak, illness, or unexpected severe weather.


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