Monday June 30

You can go mild or wild, be cautious or crazy!   If you’d like to sample a zip line tour, or want your adrenaline level to reach the stratosphere, check out Berkshire East Canopy Tours in Charlemont, Massachusetts.  Berkshire East Canopy Tours is conveniently located on the Eastern slope of the Berkshires, near Highway 91, an easy trip from the Albany, Boston or Hartford areas, and is New England’s biggest zip line destination.  USA Today calls it one of the “Top 10” zip lines in the United States.  According to Berkshire East Canopy Tours’ Marketing Director Christopher Loftus, “We are becoming the region’s number one attraction.  This is our fourth season, and we’ve zipped over 30,000 people.  It’s a great family activity.  For people who have a ‘bucket list’ and want to try something new, we fill a niche.”



Berkshire East Canopy Tours has a zip trip for everybody.  Kids as young as 8 years can experience the thrill of a zip line.  “Our oldest passenger drove here from Washington D.C., marvels Christopher.  “A 92 year old man!”  


Berkshire East Canopy Tours offers three distinct adventures:


 The “Base Area Tour” is “Zip Line 101,” a good introduction to zipping.  The course features three elevated platforms, connected by two sets of dual racing cables, 380 and 570 feet long, and nearly 40 feet off the ground.  It takes about an hour to complete and is nice for large groups.  Try it, and find out if you’ve got what it takes to move on up to the “Mountain Top.”   


The “Mountain Top Tour” is three hour s of breathtaking fun.  A combination of ground and platform take-offs and landings make it an exciting adventure for everyone.  There are 7 zips, from 250-800 feet in length—2 lift rides, 2 hikes and 45 foot sky towers.  You will zip up to 100 feet off the ground through the gorgeous forest canopy.


With the “Valley Jumping Tour,” Berkshire East Canopy Tours offers perhaps the most intense burst of endorphins that you will ever experience.  It includes two of the longest lines in North America—2300 and 2600 feet.  Adrenaline addicts will zip very far, very high and very fast—over forests, meadows and streams, and from mountain to mountain.   Add a 250 foot vertical hike into the mix, and this is the ultimate zip!  “Our tours offer a full experience,” explains Christopher.  “You are escorted around the mountain by guides who teach about the flora and fauna and history of the area.  And the views of the Deerfield River Valley are unprecedented.”


At Berkshire East Canopy Tours, you can get all the thrills of a great zip line tour without feeling rushed.  Tours are capped to ensure each guest’s fun and safety.  Two professional guides lead every tour to help riders with take-offs, landings and transfers from tower platforms.  Gravity allows “zippers” to fly down the course while wearing a waist harness and special pulley attached to the zip line cable. “We have a passive gravity system. The speed is engineered into the line,” says Christopher Loftus.  “That means that passengers don’t have to worry about anything.  They can hold on with one hand and keep a camera in the other.  Our equipment is built five times safer than it needs to be.” finds thousands of the most excellent adventures in the United States.  For a real “Mountain Top” experience, find your way to Berkshire East Canopy Tours in Charlemont, Massachusetts.  Find out why Christopher Loftus believes, “It truly is life changing –truly liberating to fly like a bird!”

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