10 Things to Remember when visiting a Water Park

Thursday October 09

While waterparks are incredibly fun, they often will drive parents into a nervous breakdown, especially if they are first time visitors. Many of the headaches can be avoided, however, if before you and your family go to a waterpark you remember these 10 waterpark tips.

1. Make sure to buy your tickets before you get to the park. You will save money by purchasing your waterpark tickets prior to getting to the park. You will save money by getting them online as well

2. Getting to the park early is a must. You will get your money’s worth out of the day and will have better access to lockers and other first come first serve locations.

3. Do not bring unneeded items. You will not want to carry everything under the sun with you and lockers space is limited. Remember that things will get wet so don’t bring damageable items.

4. Your skin will not be happy with you if you forget to bring the proper sunscreen, sunblock or sun tan lotion. Make sure it is water-proof so it will last all day.

5. Bring sandals. The Rough concrete surfaces can be hard on your feet, plus who knows what types of feet have walked their before you...

6. While at the Water Park, your bathing suites are going to be put to the test. Make sure boys have a tight draw string and girls wear well-fitting one piece swimwear

7. A light shirt is a good idea as well. When you are not in the water you will want to protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.

8. You will absolutely want a pair of sunglasses. The water will give off a glare that can cause eye strain. You might even consider getting a strap for your glasses so you don’t lose them in the wave pool, lazy river etc. Plus remember that nobody wants to get crow’s feet, ladies...

9. When you enter the park you will want to designate an easily findable meeting location. This will come in handy if part of your party gets separated or if you decide to split up.

10. Remember that the waterpark workers are there for your safety. Make the safety of you and your family a priority while enjoying the fun in the sun. You do not want to turn your waterpark adventure into a nightmare. 

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