Bridgeport CT for Fun Activities

Sunday September 28

In Bridgeport you can do scuba diving and take classes to get certification if you haven’t done that already. You can go snorkeling and jet skiing, swim and play on the pristinely clean beaches. If you are in to baseball them you can take in a Bluefish game if it’s baseball season.

Another one of the top attractions in Bridgeport is the Beardsley zoo where you can see llamas, anacondas, alligators, spectacles bears and even the American symbol of strength, the bald eagle. There are different activities for you at the zoon depending on the season, and it makes for a good day out.

You can also go to the Seaside Beach Park, which has a skateboard park, and walk along the sea wall to Fayreweather Island, also known as Steeplechase Island and see the Black Rock Harbor Light and a real national ghost town. Pleasure Beach is an amazingly long stretch of clean, shell free sand, so you won’t hurt your feet on hidden objects if you go barefoot. It connects o neighboring Stratford, where you can also wander around if you have time.
Finally, there is the Barnum museum where “a sucker is born every minute.” It is in Bridgeport with a replica five-ringed circus, so you can go and swot up on Barnum, that great American who took the circus to an art form. Learning more about P.T. Barnum is definitely a fun thing to do in Bridgeport.
At the Discovery Museum, which was built inn 1987, so it’s relatively new, there are more than a hundred hands-on exhibits for you to experiment with. There’s the Planetarium there with shows at different times during the day.
Captain’s Cove Seaport in historic Black Rock Harbor has an active maritime and amusement center which was voted “Best al Fresco Experience in Connecticut”  in 2010, so why not go along and see what you think of it? There are many fun things to do in Bridgeport, CT. There’s also the Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center and a whole lot more for you entertainment in Bridgeport Connecticut. 

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